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 Hello, we are Simplicity’s Edge. This is a registered and insured business that creates beautiful custom live edge furniture (and straight edged too!). Every piece is custom-made to order based on your wishes. That being said, we will on occasion have pieces that are currently available, please contact me at simplicitysedge@gmail.com or check out the available now page, for further info. We began this business after we made some pieces for our own home and every person who came in the door loved them and asked where we got them.  Nathan began woodworking as a child learning from his father and his grandfather. Owning a piece of live edge furniture means having your own completely unique piece of art that will last through generations.  Every single creation is different no matter the type of wood or style you choose, simply because every piece of wood is beautiful and unique. We specialize in desks, dining tables, sofa tables, coffee tables and side boards, but can also make other pieces such as incredible boardroom tables or entertainment units. Our business is based in southwestern Ontario in Ingersoll, but we can arrange delivery throughout Canada, and now to the United States.  Our prices are competitive and we will try to work with your budget.

**We’ve had multiple people ask about extensions – YES, we can do extensions on live edge tables.
Here are a few types of wood we offer, we only deal in locally available, sustainable woods:
Maple – Wormy, Brown, White

Black Walnut


**ALL of our wood is kiln dried to proper moisture levels.

**ALL of our pieces are finished in a high quality satin spray lacquer.

**We are a registered and insured business.

**Members of the Ingersoll Chamber of Commerce


Simplicity’s Edge accepts the following payment types: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, E-Transfer (prior to pick-up or delivery).  A 50% deposit is required on all custom orders.  Deposits are Non-Refundable.  The outstanding balance is due in full at the time of delivery or pick up.  All items are subject to 13% HST sales tax.

Custom Orders

Custom orders require a 50% deposit to start the job.   Once a deposit on a custom order is paid, it cannot be canceled.   Prior to starting a custom order, the customer will receive a formal quote with the specifications of the job.  The customer is required to sign off on the quote prior to starting the job.  We are unable to accept returns on custom orders.  Simplicity’s Edge will do everything possible to accommodate special requests with your order.  However, we cannot guarantee that the custom order will be exactly the same as a store sample.  This is because each piece is unique and one of a kind due to the nature of wood.  Every wood slab or plank has its own unique characteristics and will take stain or clear coat slightly different from another slab or plank in the same species.  It is to be expected that there will be slight variances in colour and consistency from one item to another that is made out of wood.

Live Edge

Live edge tables are unique and truly one of a kind items.  Each and every live edge table will be different in its own way – from its shape to its colour to its consistency (knots, grain, and characteristics).  We will make every effort to accommodate special requests when it comes to live edge, we cannot guarantee that the finished product will be exactly as requested.


Cancellations on custom orders will not be accepted after a deposit has been paid.   Deposits are Non-Refundable.

As Is/Floor Model Items

All as is and floor models are final sale.  A 25% deposit is required to hold an item prior to delivery or pick-up.  Some as is items may have some wear and tear or defects.  The price of these items will reflect such wear and tear or defects.


Approximate delivery dates are based on standard lead times and are subject to change. Simplicity’s Edge cannot be held responsible for delays in transportation, steel shortages, production, or other acts that may result in a delay of a customer’s order. Simplicity’s Edge will do everything possible to meet your estimated delivery date, however, failure to deliver your item(s) by the estimated delivery date will not give customer the right to cancel the order without the explicit consent of Simplicity’s Edge.

Delivery and Damage

Simplicity’s Edge offers delivery on all purchased items.  The delivery may be subject to a fee.  Any delivery fees will be communicated at the time the quote is issued.  Any large items where 2 or more people are required (dining tables, etc) will be subject to a delivery fee outlined in the quote. Delivery includes setup in the location of your choice.  After the item(s) have been delivered and set up, the customer will be required to inspect the item(s) sign off that the items are in good condition and that there is no damage.  If there is damage to the item(s) delivered, a report will be taken and the damage detailed by the delivery person(s).  The item(s) will then be loaded back onto the trailer and taken back for repair.  The customer will be contacted to explain the repair process and set up re-delivery.

For the first 2 – 4 weeks after you get your piece, the lacquer will still be curing and may have a faint smell (it will fade). During this time a little extra care is needed as the furniture can mark more easily such as with water rings around a wet glass.

Pick Up

Customers are welcome to pick up in stock items as well as their custom orders.  Simplicity’s Edge may be able to help load the items in your car/van however it is recommended that you bring the required people to help load your items.  The customer is responsible for providing a vehicle that is “safe” to move the furniture items.  When the furniture leaves the store via pick up, Simplicity’s Edge is not responsible for any damage occurring from transit or moving/set up in the customer’s home.


All items made from wood should be kept in a consistent environment with a consistent temperature and humidity level.  Wood is ‘alive’ and will absorb moisture and is at risk of ‘moving’ if the environment is not acceptable.  Most homes maintain a constant temperature and humidity level, however, we do not recommend keeping wood furniture outdoors or in any environment with large fluctuations in temperature or humidity.  In order to clean and maintain your furniture, all you need to use is a cloth with water and dish soap to clean and disinfect its surfaces.   DO NOT use any solvents, chemical cleaners, or sprays.   This will cause smudging to the surface and in some cases damage the surface.  If smudging does appear from food, or finger prints, take a damp rag or a damp micro-fibre cloth and dish soap and rub the smudged area until it is clean. The lacquer finish will prevent water rings and clouding from occurring and can take a hot cup or plate up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit without any damage to the finish.  It is however recommended that you use placemat or coaster when putting wet or hot items on the table. Do not leave standing water on wood, a little water for a short period will not harm as long it is wiped up.
Stone wear dishes can be very rough on the bottom and act like sandpaper, so use caution (and a placemat). Hotplates and decorative items, especially with very broad bases should have little plastic nubs or felt on the bottom.

Light is a natural enemy of all organic materials; it is especially harmful for wood because the damage is cumulative (meaning it gets worse over time) and irreversible. Light can turn light woods dark, and bleach out dark woods. It can also affect the finish, stain, or paint on the surface—leaving it discoloured, cracked, or brittle. Leaving you wood piece in direct sunlight ie. huge windows with lot of sunlight all day long will not be good for your table, It may warp and crack. We suggest blinds or a sheet covering if leaving exposed to direct sunlight on an ongoing basis.

Table Extensions

If your table has extensions please note that the extensions will most likely have movement over time especially if not used often. The result could be that the fit of the extensions might be stiff and change form. Please store the extensions is flat spot and do not lean. Make sure they are treated the same as you treat your table top.


Simplicity’s Edge provides a 1 year warranty from the time of delivery/pickup on all table top surfaces from cracking and lamination defects.  With wood table tops, fluctuation in room temperature and humidity may cause the wood to move slightly, therefore it is recommended that room humidity remain at a constant.    All tables are re-enforced with steel channels in the underside to help prevent movement in the table top.  Epoxy may also be used to help prevent cracking and wood movement.  Simplicity’s Edge provides a 1 year warranty against any peeling or cracking of the table top lacquer surface. The customer will receive a warranty and care card at the time of delivery or pick up.  Simplicity’s Edge DOES NOT warranty against wear and tear including scratches that occur from use of the furniture.  Wear and tear as well as scratches can be expected on any wood surface from use of the furniture.


PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT (Not all sections may apply)

Simplicity’s Edge is a family owned and operated business which believes in the importance of ethical business practices, including treating all information we gather from our customers in a respectful and confidential manner.  This Privacy Policy Statement has been developed to recognize the respect with which we will treat our customers and to comply with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”).  PIPEDA sets out rules for the collection, use and disclosure of a client’s or customer’s personal information, as well as safeguarding that information during commercial activity as defined in the legislation.

“Under PIPEDA, “Personal Information” means any information that is identifiable to an individual, including name, address, telephone number, Social Insurance Number, and date of birth. It also includes, but is not limited to, other information relating to identity, such as, nationality, gender, marital status, financial information and credit history.

Simplicity’s Edge collects only personal information that is required to answer inquiries, provide quotes and process orders as well as to properly report to the provincial and federal governments.

When a client provides us with personal information so that we may address inquiries, develop recommendations and/or pay for and process orders, we consider consent to be implied.

Simplicity’s Edge endeavours to ensure that all personal information in our active files is accurate, current and complete. When a client notifies Solid Edge Wood Products that his or her personal information requires correction or updating, the necessary changes will be made.

Simplicity’s Edge uses and retains personal information for only those purposes to which the individual has consented. Personal information will be disclosed only on an as needed basis to partners and employees of Simplicity’s Edge and any professional services we may retain.

Simplicity’s Edge utilizes a number of physical and technological measures to safeguard personal information from unauthorized access or inadvertent disclosure in accordance with its Information Security, Retention and Destruction Policy, including but not limited to: –  Password protected computer files –  Security protected premises for file storage – Shredding of closed files after a period of 7 years – Physical destruction of any computer hard drives before disposal – Use of anti-virus software to protect against hacking or virus attacks

Notwithstanding the technological safeguards implemented by Simplicity’s Edge, all Internet transmissions are susceptible to possible loss, misrouting, interception and misuse. For this reason, as part of the implied consent to providing personal information, it is assumed the individual also consents to information being communicated via the internet, unless we are advised otherwise.

An individual, who wishes to review or verify what personal information is held by Simplicity’s Edge, may do so by making a request, in writing to Simplicity’s Edge Chief Privacy Officer. Upon verification of the individual’s identity, the Chief Privacy Office will provide a written report within 60 days.

Any concern or issue about Simplicity’s Edge personal information handling practices may be made, in writing, to the Chief Privacy Officer. Upon verification of the individual’s identity, the Chief Privacy Officer will act promptly to investigate the complaint and provide a written report to the individual. If the individual is dissatisfied with the report provided by the Chief Privacy Officer, or feels that the corrective action taken by Simplicity’s Edge is insufficient, the individual may direct a complaint to the Federal Privacy Commissioner in writing. The address of the Federal Privacy Commissioner is provided in this Privacy Policy Statement for your convenience.


Simplicity’s Edge Privacy Policy is in effect October 11, 2016.  This Policy may be updated from time to time to reflect amendments in applicable Federal and Provincial laws. Any changes to this Privacy Policy Statement will be posted on the Simplicity’s Edge website and will apply to personal information collected from the date of the posting of the revised Privacy Policy Statement.

If you have any questions regarding Simplicity’s Edge Privacy Policy, Information Security, Retention and Destruction Policy, and/or this Privacy Statement, or you wish to make an access to personal information request, please contact: Nathan Goetz   simplicitysedge@gmail.com Simplicity’s Edge 40 Hollingshead Road, Ingersoll, Ontario N5C 0B5

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